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February Meeting: Eating Healthy & Wisely Print


TENDING EDEN – Eating Healthy & Wisely at NCCC

Join us on Thursday evening, February 7th at 7:00 p.m. in the Fireside
Room of NCCC for first program of 2013. And it will be a good one! Sam
Wells, A local professional photographer and vibrant food and garden
enthusiast will be presenting a seminar covering a wide variety of topics
that all relate to eating healthy and reducing our impact on the food system
by growing a portion of our food. Call Paul Thompson if you have any
questions at 760-805-2011.



The concept is how to make a garden
salad from start to finish. It will cover how to grow greens to best optimize
nutritional value, what leafy greens are best for each season, and how
to sustainably harvest to maximize yield and minimize effort. Covering
different approaches to consuming leafy greens, Sam will share recipes
while discussing ways to maximize the absorption of nutrients. This will
include an overview of juicing vs blending and ways to minimally cook
greens to retain nutrients while still being delicious. There is something for
everyone regardless of their skill and knowledge level.

Sam Wells is a food and garden enthusiast who loves to promote health
and wellness through growing food and cooking whole ingredients. As
a true believer in the growing slow food movement, he started a blog
www.slowdowncookmore.com where he shares his latest recipes along
with interesting stories about food culture and tips to make cooking quicker
and easier. His minimalist approach to cooking lends to more accessible
recipes that can be replicated by anyone and appreciated at any skill level.

Please call Paul Thompson at 760-805-2011 if you have any questions.

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