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Mars Hill Event: Caring for the Environment - Why Should Christians Care? Print

Join Tending Eden and Mars Hill for "An Evening On Mars Hill" featuring Dan Story, Christian apologist and environmentalist, at North Coast Calvary Chapel on Friday, April 19th from 7pm to 9pm in the Family Center. 

Story, author of the book Should Christians Be Environmentalists?, will discuss two topics: firstly, the major obstacles to Christian environmentalism, and secondly, the tremendous potential of Christian environmentalism as an evangelistic and apologetic point of contact, especially with college and high school students and young adults. Story will discuss activities through which churches can get involved to demonstrate an ecological lifestyle evangelism.


Tending Eden and Mars Hill heartily invite you to join us on Friday, April 19th at 7pm in the Family Center to hear Dan Story and to get excited about the ways Christians can positively impact our environment and our communities.

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