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Why should Christians care about the environment?
From the beginning of mankind in the Garden of Eden, God has given humanity the biblical mandate to care for his creation.  The Bible also states that creation is good  and that its beauty and wonder bring glory to God.  Furthermore, man-made environmental degradation tends to worsen the condition of the global poor.  We should therefore restore and protect creation from degradation caused by man.
What does the Bible say about caring for the environment?
The Bible says that mankind has "dominion" over God's creation (Gen 1) and that he is to  take care of it (Gen 2).  The interpretation of the word "dominion" has been the subject of much debate.  Perhaps the best understanding of mankind's role is that of shepherd or pastor, a responsible and caring servant leader.   This passage must also be understood in the context of God's "dominion" over us and creation's own  declaration of who God is (Psalm 8,19).  We highly recommend the Evangelical Environmental Network's small group Bible study on creation care.
What is Tending Eden all about?
See our section called: Who We Are
What can I do?
Get involved and check our Event Calendar.  Also see our section under Resources called: What Can I Do?
What does environmental degradation have to do with poverty?
Poverty and environmental degradation are inextricably linked.  Wherever you find extreme poverty, you nearly always find extreme environmental degradation and whenever you find extreme environmental degradation, you nearly always find extreme poverty.  To better understand the relationship between the two, we highly recommend reading Tending to Eden by Scott Sabin of Plant with Purpose.
What is North Coast Calvary Chapel doing to be GREEN?
The leadership of North Coast is committed to creation care in its teaching, mission and operations.  NCCC has implemented many green practices in both its operations and building projects.  This includes the use of reclaimed water, high efficiency intelligent HVAC systems, energy and water conservation, greener cleaning supplies, and stormwater filtration.
What is the Christian Church doing to care for the environment?
Christians and Christian organizations around the globe have mobilized to care for and restore God's creation.  For some organizations, creation care is the primary goal, while for others, it is an integral part of another mission.  There is just too much to list here.  Please see our Resources page.
Why focus on spiritual and moral transformation?  Shouldn't you appeal to a broader audience and just focus on technological and economic change?
Spiritual and moral transformation is at the heart of the environmental issues we face.  This transformation dictates how we perceive the world as God's creation and therefore how we treat it.   We see care for the environment as a moral issue, which should dictate how we use our technological and economic resources.  Please see Global Warming and the Risen Lord by Rev. Jim Ball of the Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN).
Does Tending Eden take a stance on whether global warming is man-made?
Tending Eden and North Coast Calvary Chapel do not take an official stance on the extent to which man has played a part in global climate change, however Tending Eden's participants embrace the discussion.  Those in our group have different opinions on this particular subject.  There is no doubt that man has degraded creation and there are many issues concerning our environment that we can all agree upon, therefore we seek to focus on common ground.
Does Tending Eden take a stance politically?
No, Tending Eden seeks to transcend the political arguments and partisan grandstanding concerning the environment and present creation care a pressing moral concern.  We seek to focus on common ground issues that clearly affect everyone.
How much priority should be given to environmental stewardship in light of all the issues facing the global Christian Church?
We believe that environmental stewardship should and can be integral to the Church's global mission to spread the Gospel and love of Jesus Christ.  It is also one means to aid in accomplishing this mission.
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