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The Earth is the Lord's, and everything in it... Psalm 24:1

Tending Eden is a ministry of North Coast Calvary Chapel, Carlsbad, CA dedicated to serving God and His Creation.

As followers of Jesus Christ, committed to the full authority of the Scriptures, and aware of the ways we have degraded creation, we believe that Biblical faith calls us to engage more actively in the Biblical mandate to steward God’s creation.

  • Because we worship and honor the Creator, we seek to cherish and care for creation.
  • We and our children face a growing crisis in the health of the creation in which we are embedded, and through which, by God’s grace we are sustained.  Yet we continue to degrade that creation.
  • Our actions and attitudes toward the earth need to proceed from the center of our faith, and be rooted in the fullness of God’s revelation in Christ and the Scriptures.
    • Therefore, we seek carefully to learn all the Bible tells us about Creator, creation, and the human task; and,
    • We seek to understand what creation reveals about God’s divinity, sustaining presence and everlasting power, and what creation teaches us of its God-given order and the principles by which it works.
  • Thus we call on all those committed to the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to affirm the principles of biblical faith, and to seek ways of living out these principles in our personal lives, our church and society.
  • We believe that in Christ there is hope, not only for men, women and children, but for the rest of creation, which is suffering from the consequences of human sin.

In response, we have taken the iniative to educate and spread awareness on environmental issues, be a resource to our community, and take part in tangible creation care activities and advocacy in order to be obedient to our Biblical mandate to "Tend Eden".

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